Video: Diddy Is Affected By The Gas Prices

by Upscale Swagger on August 25, 2008

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Diddy makes a video about the rise of gas prices, as he boards his flight on American Airlines.

  • Diddy the Dick

    So really are we supposed to give a fuck that he has to ride commercial? He’s so entitled, can’t even speak proper English

  • Jazzi

    Suck Diddy Dick Biatch!!!!!!yes I meant to spell it like that Biatch!!!!

  • Dee

    Wow. So sad. Who cares. He make millions and he wants everyday struggling black folks to give a dame how he travels. Try using the money that would have gone for the gas for the jet to help people losing their homes, give them a job. Adopt an inner city school in a few cities and help with books, after school programs, school supplies, uniforms. Try to do something with some substance, meaning, caring. Diddy, get over yourself.

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