Amber Rose Announced New Face Of Boadicea The Victorious

by Upscale Swagger on September 21, 2009


Amber Rose has landed a new gig. She has been announced the new face of Boadicea The Victorious which is a new fragrance by Michael Boadi. Amber was spotted in London on Friday, September 18 to help promote the new fragrance. Michael Boadiā€™s fragrances have been really popular with Michelle Obama, Kate Moss and Madonna.




  • daan

    She still needs to learn how to hold the flask. :)

  • AjarayJones

    Amberrrr roseeee iss Maahhh bitchh Gottaaa Givee Herr Themm Propssss ahh Shess A cannonnn Liqq Comee oN shee Bee Witt thee Barbieee Nicki Minajjj Liqq comee on SHess badd Withh Or Without thee hairrr i Liq Her WithOut Theee Hair ForeallBut Liqq I sAid Beforr Shess Badddd Dawqqq

  • JessicaBrown

    I freakin Luv This Gurll Liqq Shee Got Ahh Stupid Frutityyy Swagg BAYBEEE

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